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Meta-Blocks is a modular toolbox for research, experimentation, and reproducible benchmarking of learning-to-learn algorithms. The toolbox provides flexible APIs for working with MetaDatasets, TaskDistributions, and MetaLearners (see the figure below). The APIs make it easy to implement a variety of meta-learning algorithms, run them on well-established benchmarks, or add your own meta-learning problems to the suite and benchmark algorithms on them.

System Illustration

Meta-Blocks package comes with:

  • Flexible APIs, detailed documentation, and multiple examples.

  • Popular models and algorithms such as MAML [FAL17], Reptile [NAS18], Protonets [SSZ17].

  • Supervised and unsupervised meta-learning setups compatible with all algorithms.

  • Customizable modules and utility functions for quick prototyping on new meta-learning algorithms.

Key Links and Resources:

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